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Friday, August 20, 2010

Free Trip to Perth

Sekarang masih lagi pakej bulan melancong ke Perth, anda masih lagi berpeluang untuk gi melancong percuma so disini I would like to explain alittle bit abaout Perth. My knowledge maybe not as same as you but we can share the special about Perth.

Melihat keindahan bunga-bungaan yang menenangkan minda. Western Australia's modern hub of PERTH is home to just over 1.5 million people and has a reputation for endless sunshine and an easy-going lifestyle. Lepas kerja adalah satu fenomena biasa l for people to go surfing, sailing, swimming or fire up a barbie somewhere on the shores of
the Swan River.

Pastu gi Pesta dia kat luarbandar.

Perth terkenal dengan pantainya yang cantik dan ramai orang dia gi swimming lepas kerja.

Hopefully naik kapal macam Pirates of teh Caribbean.

Perth waktu sunset.

This enviable social life partly explains Perthites' contented detachment from the rest of the country. Another factor is simply the physical distance: Perth is Australia's most isolated city, almost 4000km from Sydney by road, and in a different time zone (Western Standard Time, two hours behind the east coast).

The city's Central Business District (CBD) is essentially an open-air shopping mall with two pedestrian-only retail precincts, museums, galleries, and some beautiful historic buildings. Strangely, the city fails to take advantage of its stunning riverside frontage, which is left to the joggers, cyclists and gulls. So look loke Perth macam bandar yang peace, aman damai je.

Just north of the CBD, Northbridge is the restaurant and club district, as well as being the centre for Perth's Asian community with a buzzy eat street, while the inner western suburbs of Leederville and Subiaco boast boutiques, cafés, restaurants and pubs galore. On weekends, city dwellers head for the hills (York and Toodyay are favourites) . (Cottesloe is the spot) and markets (Fremantle's are an institution, followed by fish and chips).

So if you want to know details jangan segan nak contact ke, sms ke or pm me at 012-2833801. Hurry, time is running out.
Best kalau gi ke Perth ramai-ramai dan paling seronoknya percutian ini ditanggung sepenuhnya dan percuma. Nikmati hidup sementara kita masih lagi ada di dunia ini dan melatalah di muka bumi Allah yang luas ini dan rasai kebesaranNya.

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