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Monday, August 9, 2010

Bziest Week!!!!

Begitu Menghargai masa yang dikurniakan Allah kepada umatnya. Dari Ahad last week to this Ahad, memang busy sangat.

Ahad- jumpa biz partner kat B.Mertajam
Isnin dan Selasa- full appt
Rabu - kelas
Khamis- Giving a seminar for diamond
Jumaat - full appt
Sabtu - Full appt
Ahad - Giving a seminar for Sales Manager and Senior Sales Manager.
Puasnya dapat bagi the best..
Guys out there, we have so many reasons right now to start something in our life. Grab the chance and do it to the fullest, you'll never regret it. Now, know how to go to Perth, Australia with zero costs...
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