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Monday, August 16, 2010

Detoksifikasi atau Nyahtoksik!!!

Detox is a spring clean of your body, a serious clear out of all the Junk & Toxins that we have
accumulated over the past months or years.
Indications of Detox:

• Feeling sick
• Dull skin (rough)
• Irritable with mood swings,
• Exhausted,
• Bad dull hair
• Bloated.

Why to Detox :
After detox you feel refreshed, lighter with more energy, Regular
b owe l mo v eme n t s , Cl e a r complexion, Softer, smoother & less dry skin, Stronger & healthier nails
How to Detox:
The main ways are :
1. Wean from junk foods, coffee,refined carbohydrates, sugars,
alcohol, smoking, chocolate in any form, hydrogenated fats, margarines,
mushrooms, peanuts, white flour, smoked fish and salt.
2. Drink at least 3 liters water per day.
3. Welcome Good food, Great food and Super food

We, of course, shower or bathe, wash our hands, rinse our mouth, and brush our teeth on a regular basis. Hygiene is essential in maintaining our health! If we neglected our body by not keeping it clean, we would soon find ourselves accumulating offensive agents leading to disease.

But how do we keep the inside of our body clean? We do accumulate toxic and unwanted matter every day inside our bodies, in our bones and muscles, in our fat and in our organs. Physicians have known for centuries that health problems can result from the accumulation of foreign substances in our bodies. However, human exposure to toxins has reached alarming levels. Millions of chemicals have been produced and thousands are now used commercially every day. Many of these chemicals find their way into our bodies through our water supplies, the air we breathe, the food we eat and the cosmetics we use. In addition to commercial substances, many drugs, pharmaceutical and recreational can remain in our bodies for a very long time. Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol can further contribute to our body’s contamination. The United States Government’s Environmental Protection Agency has now officially put out warnings on many of these aggressors, including specific caution on the consumption of fish leading to mercury ingestion. California’s Attorney General has filed a lawsuit “against five grocery store Companies for failing to warn consumers that the fresh and frozen fish they sell exposes them to mercury, a chemical known to produce cancer and reproductive harm”.

So what is the solution?

Dalam real world, kita boleh elakkan benda yang causing toxicity and disease. Tetapi, dunia semakin mencabar dan makin banyak benda yang toksik ni, so kita mesti detoksifikasi atau nyahtoksik sendiri dengan menggunakan cara yang lebih efisien . This cleansing must be part of our routine to get us back into balance, healing and breaking long term congestion. "Keeping our bodies clean inside and out prevents disease and premature aging" (according to Dr. Hans Krugler, President of the International Academy of Anti-Aging. Some experts recommend intestinal cleansing and fiber in our diet, others, using anti-parasite herbs and others using diets and fasts. All of the above, when used under the guidance of a professional can be immensely helpful.

So, apakah solution yang paling berkesan???

Pastu banyak minum air bio aura, lagila cair toksik tu dan cepat mudah keluar bila pakai beautiful ni...

Premium Beautiful adalah answernya(ade ke macam ni?). PB melancarkan peredaran darah anda dan seterusnya ia akan nyahtoksik dan keluar melalui peluh, darah haid yang lebih lancar (tak sakit pun). Kandungan FIRnya memang akan mengeluarkan lemak, susu, toksik dan peluh secara menyeluruh dari badan anda. So dapatlah kita badan yang macam ni

Badan yang kita impikan dan athletic body, sihat dan bertenaga dan energetic(samalah tu) .

Bolehla kita enjoy di hari raya nanti tanpa masalah kesihatan yang mendera perasaan dan minda anda. Yes!!! Ni bukan baju I tapi orang pompuan kan suka pakai kebaya or baju yang shaping sikit time raya.
So cari I or sms or contact or e-mail untuk mencuba PB ni.. Hurry!!!

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