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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hot stuff!!

Intoducing short bra adik kepada long bra premium beautiful, walaupun baru tapi demand macam goreng pisang panas...


  • Unique 3-piece dimensional cup designed to push up, support and firm breasts
  • Designed ergonomically with fine elastic mesh fabric and nano infrared red rays to promote blood circulation and metabolism, enhance breasts elasticity as well as promote breasts development, sweat absorption and ventilation
  • Memory steel wire provides firmness and support effectively
  • Frontal and central bi-layer compression and tightness design helps to elevate and support breasts
  • Bi-layer compression and tightness design at back reshapes the back to an attractive contour
  • Delicate "u" shaped design shapes and sculpts a sleek back line
  • Extraordinary functions in sweat absorption, ventilation, hydrophilic and heat-trapping reduction
  • An unique 360 degrees stretchable elastic panel allows body to move freely without distortion
  • Unique breast pad design to achieve maximal effect
  • Elegant pattern to present exclusiveness of the product
How To Wear:

  • Rest your breasts in the middle of the cups
  • Lean 45 degrees forward and hook the back hook
  • Lift breasts toward centre to prevent pinching of the breasts tissue
  • Adjust the shoulder straps (to allow one finger slips under the strap)
  • Check
Lepas dah pakai macam nilah bentuknye. Lagi sedap pakai dan terletak je..biasenye akak pakai cup c tapi sungguh terkejut sebab lepas pakai short bra ni terus upgrade cup jadi f..hi..hi..hi..menakjubkan!!!!

Contact me for free trials...019-3882369
harga boleh runding tau ..lagipun sekarang kita ade harge promo...hmmm best..

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