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Thursday, June 2, 2011

My dream!!!

In the moment of 17 (duluuuu)

with head full of ideas and
heart full of hope.
I want to live my life fully, and use all the things it's offering.
I don't want to be affraid of My Tomorrow.

I want to realise all my dreams!
From these small like an ant

to elephant-big ones like home with white fence.
The truth is that if you wanna try something new -

you need money, and you'll never be sure what you meet on the end of experiment
I want to have a possibility to try every single thing, and I need a money to do that.
(except love,
but I think love is a part of giving).

I want to

◦discover myself
◦try new things

◦become traveler
◦run my own business (and the ideas are really big)
◦try scubadiving
◦visit Tibet
◦see New York and London
◦see everything it's worth to see

I have ONE life.
On this world there are many really rich people who don't have to
worry about money.

If I'm lucky...
If you're one of them, help me become what you and I want to be.
Our dreams are in our hands.

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