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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In the business WorLd!!

a successful man is aggressive

he's good on details

he loses his temper because he's so involved with his job

when he's depressed (or hangover) everyone tiptoes past his office

he follows through

he stands firm

he drinks because of the excessive job pressure

he isn't afraid to say what he thinks

he exercises authority diligently

he's close-mouthed a successful woman is pushy

she's picky

she's bitchy

she's moody, so it must be her "Time of the month"

she doesn't know when to quit

she's hard

she's a lush

she's mouthy

she's power-crazy

she's secretive

That's why God knows everything!!! The combinations of men and women are really good to the success of the biz itself because of pro and cons...

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