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Thursday, February 9, 2017

More about Garam Buluh

    Salt was found to result from sound dreaded by evil elements. Sea salt and dead sea has a strength of stability in the body's blood elements of the skeletal system. The old people in the past have many tips about the greatness of salt. Salt can actually neutralize the acid element. Wind, gastritis, spasms, pain, and quite likely is due to the lack of salt factor. Actually we use salt in cooking instead of salt contains a lot of sodium found in the sea as they are more natural and contain a lot of potassium. Excessive sodium intake will cause various diseases.

The testimony of bamboo salt it can prevent heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure ..

Boleh dapatkan garam buluh dengan pm atau wassup 0193882369

hargasekotak untukgaram buluh minum RM150
Garam buluh masak cuma RM55 sebotol
dan Garam Buluh Mineral Coffee RM30sekotak...

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